Thursday, June 14, 2007

Eat Low on the Food Chain

Of course the one night this week I leave work at 6 and go to a baseball game I pull out my blinking blackberry to read four testy emails from work, an email from Mrs. Octopus telling me we owe property tax late penalties, and the Mets lose 9 to 1. WTF? It's always like that.

Angelina Jolie is on "The Daily Show". I think she's a video game. She looks like a video game. She says "yeah" like she's from Jersey or Torrance or something. Jon Stewart just asked her if a burka can contain her hotness. x
This is the apotheosis of the internet age: liveblogging "The Daily Show".

Someday this will be very funny. Don't mock us, future aliens with light-speed drive. We were just trying to get by, pay the rent, have some laughs, and not have heart attacks too soon. I should floss tonight.

1 comment:

hh said...

i heard you were great fun at the baseball game!

angelina jolie is HOT!