Sunday, July 15, 2007

Introspection Has Its Limits

You get to a point in your life eventually where you no longer feel like you have anything to say. Luckily, to aid those of us whose imaginations and will to express ourselves have dried up, there are popular science magazines.

The above video shows an orang-utan solving the problem of how to get a peanut out from the bottom of a long tube by using water as a tool:
When presented with a peanut floating deep down inside a transparent tube, the animals spat their drinking water into the tube to raise the treat to the top, where they could grab it. Researchers say that the study is novel because it shows the insightful use of a liquid tool by a non-human primate.
From The New Scientist. The study also confirmed that orang-utans really like peanuts. Seriously though, it appears that there is some evidence that orang-utans are more intelligent than chimps -- possibly the most intelligent animals on earth, just behind humans.

So I think it's time I just came out about it: I am actually an orang-utan.


Anonymous said...

I'd be more impressed if the orangutan broke the lock on the cage, escaped and took a dump on the researcher's desk.

Still, that video is amazing.


Toddy said...

hmm. Grigs is hirsute of the orange variety. Its odd no one noticed your orangutan identity early. Especially Mrs. Octopus.