Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Midsummer Night's Blog

Our house's back room, where I'm writing this from, is currently filled with the sound of crickets outside, the overhead fan, and the neighbor's sprinkler running outside. The stars above Eagle Rock are especially clear and bright tonight, and the air is cool: it's good sleeping weather.

A friend of mine who works at the U.N. called to say that he was going to transfer out to a field office in Sudan at the end of the summer. Juan Román Riquelme and Argentina beat Mexico in the semifinals of the Copa de America. Riquelme seems somehow old before his time. After some of his goals, he does the flying thing, but with his arms not out fully straight, not running, but kind of slowly trotting, and not smiling, but looking more tired than ecstatic. Maybe that's part of why they call him the "Lazy Magician". I have dozens of books on my bookshelf that I haven't read yet. Perhaps there will be some time when I have nothing to do but read. And play soccer. The grass in our backyard appears to be mostly dead. Grapes and figs grow wild back there. I have no idea where they came from.

The fears about the collapsing housing market drove down stocks yesterday, which in turn drove up demand for bonds, which drove down the yield on bonds, which weakened the prospects for the dollar, which in turn drove up the value of the euro, which should lead to more exports of U.S. goods to Europe and elsewhere. But stocks went back up today.


Toddy said...

Funny, those Argentines play a mean international. But I am continually disimpressed by their abilities playing at the club level in Europe. Messi plays ok down there in Barca, but Heinze makes a jerk out of himself half the time at Man U.
Everyone else is a ghost.

Wait, Tevez. He came on strong at the end there for West Ham. But only after a full season of sucking.

Anonymous said...

Ooh--that's a rash comment.

Tevez was masterful for West Ham after they started playing him regularly. He more than anyone else is responsible for them staying up last season. And don't forget Mascherano, who was hardly used by WHU, then transferred to Liverpool midseason, where he was pretty influential.

Messi plays OK? He starts for perhaps the biggest club in the world and had 17 goals in all competitions last season. I would like to have accomplished as much at age 20.

Heinze was great for Man United last season--a major part of their rock-solid defense that only conceded 27 goals all year. And he was coming back, if you remember, from a very bad injury.

Speaking of injuries, Crespo, who was critical to Chelsea's title run two years ago, moved on to Inter, where he averaged a goal every two appearances in Serie A.

Also, Milito had 23 goals for Zaragoza (where Aimar also stars) last season in La Liga, but I trust you get my point.

Incidentally, the more I watch of this Argentina side in the C.A., the less respect I have for the aptly-named Pekerman, their coach in Germany. They had the best team at the WC by a considerable margin, and but for Pekerman's bizarre decisions, could have won the tournament.


Anonymous said...

....and lest we forget....Sorin, Ayala and Riquelme at Villareal....

toddy said...

Jeez Louise.
You are right.
I'll buy you a beer for that.
A Quilmes perhaps.

toddy said...

Although I'll say Heinze did not do as well as all that.