Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So I finally seem to have adjusted to blogging about a specific topic. This is happening over at the previously mentioned Lotusville, which is mostly about water in Southern California, or, more accurately, the lack thereof. Sounds awesome, doesn't it?

Sadly, between sleeping, trips to the bathroom, and my continuous eating, there's not much time left in the day, so the Octopus has been neglected a bit as of late. It may well be on its last tentacles, although I've said that before.


Kris said...

I hope the octopus pulls through.

Toddy said...

Me too. I just got new boots in the mil. Adidas Mundial Team turfies. After a couple seasons off (Spring, Summer) I am getting back into it for the Fall league. I am feeling rested, strong and primed for some defensive stopping.

toddy said...

I am going to keep this thing going, even if you don't. I bet The Widge is with me.

Last night I played with the Argentine crew up at the park. My first full field game back after four or five months off.

I had a few nice tackles, a few crisp passes, agood bunch of clears and some very sore ankles.
My portuguese right-back couldn't hold his position worth a damn so I had to play a positional game the whole time. Probably better for my joints, but no on enotices when you do a great job of muddying up the other team's passing lanes.