Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Monkey See, Monkey Become

Remember how I mentioned some time last week that I had briefly though about starting a t-shirt company called Lotusville? Well, please see this.

I think I have just now fully recovered from the roller-skating injuries I sustained at the Moonlight Roller Rink in Glendale back in December. After several falls (some of them coming, oh the irony, during "The Safety Dance"), I had a completely black bruise running from the top of my right hip down to the middle of my thigh.

They still don't know why the bees are disappearing.

Finally, get this: after some primates developed the ability to see the colors red and orange, they began to evolve to feature red and orange skin and fur, to attract mates. That's very strange, in some way.

Some day, I will do more than just simply patch together a bunch of random science articles.

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