Monday, September 24, 2007

Flavor of the Month

I don't have much to add to what Juan Cole and Glenn Greenwald have already said about the "controversy" about Ahmadinejad's visit to Columbia.

I'd also recommend to you Katrina Vanden Heuvel's piece on the incessant and moronic drumbeat to war on Iran. (Although, I do wish she would select a different author photo on the Nation's website.)

I've now learned how to properly spell Ahmadinejad without having to look it up every time.

Legislators in New York, including State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, want to punish Columbia for allowing Ahmadinejad to appear at the forum today. Welcome to America, everyone. Now say only what we will agree to hear or shut the f*ck up.

Ahh, the New York Sun, a fair and balanced paper from which to get objective reporting and reasonable editorials. I'm so glad there are such fine examples of journalistic integrity out there. No, the New York Sun is not a paper with a nakedly obvious political agenda. They are just trying to report the facts.

Repeat after me: Hussein Ahmadinejad is the New Hitler (TM) and we must destroy him!

Your two minutes hate is now over. 8 ] Return to your normal duties.

Update: Bush Giuliani is the New Churchill (TM). All hail Bush Giuliani!

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