Monday, September 17, 2007

Stop the ride. I would like to get off now.

the gates of hell

Every day there appears to be more and more evidence that our government is planning to bomb Iran. It seems very possible that our government may decide to bomb sites in Iran with nuclear weapons.

Can we stop for a moment to consider this? The administration may very well decide in the coming months or weeks to drop nuclear weapons on another country. And it is clear that the administration does not give a flying f*ck what the American people think. Is it just me that is terrified by this?

What insane chaos and destruction will we unleash upon the world by dropping nuclear weapons on Iran to thwart their nuclear program?

If this is preemption, would not other countries be able to argue that preemptive attacks on us (to prevent our preemptive attacks) were also eminently justified?

Has Iran ever attacked the United States? We have seen where preemption has gotten us in Iraq. What exactly would we be preempting by bombing Iran? How many lives are we willing to destroy on the hunch that Iran is (a) going to develop nuclear weapons, and (b) use those nuclear weapons? -- something no country has ever done except the United States. Have we not unleashed enough death in the past four years? But it appears the administration is ready to let loose the dogs of war once again based on the foresight and vision of Cheney and the neocons.

This is not the America we grew up in. The people in control of our country are about to drive all of us into a very dark nightmare.


Julia said...

i'm terrified. and with a 4-month-old son it is amazing what thoughts fly through my head when i read things like this.
like i should take advantage of my dual citizenship and flee to italy.

Kris said...

I agree that the govt. doesn't care whether the public agrees with them or not. They're operating under a different definition of democracy than the rest of us.