Saturday, October 20, 2007


Saturday morning in Los Angeles. No one on my street at 9:20 a.m. Just sunlight on grass, the occasional squirrel, and some parked cars. Lots of long shadows -- but the morning kind, the kind that make you feel hopeful, not regretful.
The planet was named for the Roman god of agriculture Saturn. It has been called dies Saturni ("Saturn's Day"), through which form it entered into Old English as Sæternesdæg and gradually evolved into the word "Saturday".

Saturday is the only day of the week in which the English name comes from Roman mythology. The English names of all of the other days of the week come from Germanic mythology. In India, Saturday is Shanivar, based on Shani, the Vedic God manifested in the planet Saturn. In the Thai solar calendar of Thailand, the day is named from the Pali word for Saturn, and the color associated with Saturday is purple.

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