Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Road Ahead

cell phone picture, summer 2004, New York

I really need a few days off. I tried to balance work and family obligations last Friday and ended up staying up until 3:45 a.m. working on a draft of something. That was not a good idea. I've been tired ever since.

We're taking a red eye tomorrow night. That's going to wipe me out for the next few days.

The fog is still here in Los Angeles. It's very strange. There are 44 days until the Iowa caucus. Obama is apparently four points up against Clinton. The New Hampshire primary is just five days after Iowa, so whoever wins in Iowa could carry momentum into New Hampshire, and then into the other primaries following soon after. (Obama is apparently steadily catching up in New Hampshire.) Obama's rise has left Clinton flustered and scared: she's now smearing Obama with "damaging" statements about Obama's time as a child in Indonesia -- trying to smear Obama with the taint of proximity to Islam. With this bullshit on top of her shameless support for the Kyl-Lieberman amendment, Clinton has won my full-on enmity and disgust. Do not support Hillary Clinton and her craven, morally bankrupt politics of destruction.

Of course, Obama has to play the stupid-ass game as well and put out profoundly dispiriting statements on his website such as the following: "[Senator Obama] is not and has never been a Muslim."


UPDATE: I think I might have over-reacted a bit to Clinton's statement re Obama. A less paranoid reading of her criticism would suggest that she's simply challenging Obama's earlier statement that his experience of living in Indonesia during his childhood gave him a unique understanding of international relations. I may have been a bit too influenced by the Guardian article I linked to and the earlier scuttlebutt that Clinton's agents were the ones that had been spreading rumors that Obama had attended a madrassa in Indonesia. I'll try not to fly off the handle so quickly next time.

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MK said...

I had a Fisher-Price plane like that when I was a kid.