Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wrong Bus

The view looking south from my bus stop downtown.

I take the bus a lot, but sometimes I make mistakes. Today I got on the wrong bus. I am supposed to take the 81 home, but tonight I got on the 91. The 91 on the headsign looked like an 81. I thought something might've been wrong when I noticed the clean, freshly-laundered looking seats. The bus was clean. That should've tipped me off: I was not on my familiar crusty 81.

I was reading the paper and not paying much attention to where we were going until, about twenty minutes into the ride, I noticed that the automated stop announcement was announcing stops on Glendale, and not on Figueroa. I got off in Glendale near the Ralph's and Barnes and Noble. I sheepishly called Mrs. Octopus to ask her to come by and pick me up.

I kind of wanted to drive home tonight for some reason. I had just inflated the tires on the Intrepid. The front right tire, which I am constantly bumping into curbs, was really low. The Intrepid's specs call for its tires to be inflated to 32 psi. The front right tire was at about 18 psi. I had been feeling the tire sloshing around the road and had been meaning to inflate it for a while. I pumped the tires up to about 34 just for good measure. The Intrepid felt like a high performance vehicle after it was back on firm footing. Inflating my tires made me feel like a model citizen. I enjoy doing these small little maintenance things to the Intrepid. These little things make me feel thrifty and conscientious. I also get this feeling when I clean my car.


MK said...

Proper tire pressure also improves your gas mileage (flat tires=bigger footprint=more friction=greater energy expenditure).

Octopus Grigori said...

Everyone knows that.