Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Day for Night

Someday, I will return to simply writing out posts. I can't keep up the photo posts forever, as fun as they are for me. By the way, has anyone tried to read Errol Morris's unreadable posts on his New York Times blog, "Zoom"? I really like Errol Morris, but his posts are just way too pretentious, rambling, and self-indulgent for me.

But I shouldn't throw stones. They are constantly filming sh*t under my office building. This was a blue screen some film crew was about to deploy during their shooting.

A shot of Bunker Hill, looming Oz-like in all of its shiny, paranoid, locked-down, surveillance-camera-patrolled majesty -- taken from Main and 4th.

Things keep on popping up on Broadway downtown. One of my favorite places on Broadway is Metropolis Books, a newish independent bookstore run by a super-friendly couple. I go by there about once or twice a month and always want to buy something to help keep it going. I think they're doing okay, but it seems like such a bold thing to do, to open up an independent bookstore downtown on Broadway.

A shot of the Vietnamese place, Blossom, also on Broadway. The restaurant appears to have expanded into the corner store-front attached to its original location. The restaurant is pretty good. I've only been there once. It seems pretty popular. Is Vietnamese food still in? The roving eye of Sauron of hip food left Japanese long ago, descended on Thai for a while, maybe Indian, maybe Korean, and seemed to rest on Vietnamese for a bit recently -- I don't know where that eye is resting now. Mongolian? Some super-specific type of Chinese food, perhaps?

Another building on Broadway.

Parking garage ramp on Olive.

From an entrance to yet another parking garage downtown. It makes getting hit on the head with the gate look kind of fun.

At night, Bunker Hill is especially ominous and soul-sucking. This is a view of Wells Fargo Plaza from Grand.

Ditto. A shot of the Gas Building from California Plaza.

The losing typeface for the new blog header.

There have been numerous signs declaring the triumphant reopening of Angels Flight in the Summer of 2006, the Fall of 2006, the Spring of 2007, the Fall of 2007, etc. We should all just accept that it may never reopen. The lights on the arch on Hill look nice at night, though.

I took the bus back to Eagle Rock, stopped in at the local library, picked up a book I had on hold by Richard Russo, and then walked the 3/4 of a mile or so back to the house and posted this.


Kris said...

these are excellent.

MK said...

They were filming the next Batman here in Chicago this past Spring. All of lower Wacker Drive near my old office was perpetually closed. they turned the old main Post Office into "Gotham City Police Department".