Friday, December 07, 2007

A Day in Pictures: Downtown L.A. (Bunker Hill)

Shots from lunchtime during jury duty this week.

Disney Hall, from Grand Avenue. I generally am not crazy about this building, but in the right light, from the right angle, it can be quite amazing.

Artwork in the plaza of the MOCA. (No, I have not yet seen the Murakami exhibit.) It's a full-size statue of a man -- though it sort of looks like a miniature in this shot.

Another piece in the MOCA plaza. It's apparently a fighter jet that was chainsawed into pieces and then pieced back together in this jumble. I'm sure whoever made it was exposed to various bad chemicals.

A bust of our 16th President outside the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse. This statue is located in a quiet corner of the grounds of the courthouse, on a shady patch of grass underneath a tree, surrounded by bushes. It makes one feel quiet and introspective.

Disney Hall from Grand Avenue and First Street. Ground zero for the promised Los Angeles of tomorrow.

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