Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It is the economy, stupid

I feel like Obama is lagging behind Clinton in addressing the issue that is rising to the forefront of this campaign: the economy. With each passing day, the news confirms what we're all fearing: we are headed for a long, painful slide. I wrote the following message to the Obama campaign today. I really hope they pick up the ball on this issue quickly:
Senator Obama (and campaign staff):

I am a staunch Obama supporter in California. I am writing you because I believe the campaign desperately needs to start focusing on economic issues and plans for a potential economic stimulus.

I know here in Los Angeles, and in other parts of the country, people are terrified of the mortgage crisis and what it's doing to home values. As you know, this, combined with the rising cost of oil, and rising prices across the board, are causing people to feel much less secure about their financial health.

As a starting point, on the Obama website, there should be more emphasis on economic issues, and Sen. Obama's plans to address American's economic concerns. (I'll note that Senator Clinton's website has moved up economic issues to the first place under the drop-down menu of issues; on Senator Obama's blog, the issues are in alphabetical order.) Senator Obama should also place great emphasis on economic issues on the campaign trail and at events and rallies.

I'm sure the Senator and all of you have already seen the writing on the wall in Mitt Romney's win in Michigan and Fed Chairman Benjamin Bernanke's recent statements: the bear market and recession are coming -- they may already be here -- and people are looking for answers. (One sure stormy petrel: last week, the CEO of AT&T noted that its consumer earnings were down because more and more people were having their phone and internet service disconnected due to failure to pay their bills.)

This election is rapidly becoming about the economy, and Senator Obama must address these issues head on, with detailed plans on how he will address the downturn in the economy, and how he will help Americans who are hurting in this developing recession.

Thanks very much for your attention. Best of luck in Nevada and South Carolina. We will do everything we can for you here in California.

[Octopus Grigori]
When it comes down to it, the issues people care about most are their pocketbooks, keeping a roof over their heads, and providing for their families.

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