Thursday, January 17, 2008

Slick Willy Loses His Sh*t, Again

Where has ol', sweet, lovable Bill Clinton gone? Who is this angry, confrontational, mendacious attack dog on the campaign trail? Bill, we hardly knew ya.


chanchow said...

he's acting more like james carville than a former president.

matt said...

Jesus people. Seriously.
Let me remind EVERYONE that were Obama not in the race, Mrs. Clinton would be the choice PERIOD. We would all be behind her 100%.

Obama is great, even an obvious choice, sure, but have some shame!

I have almost lost patience.

toddy said...

Furthermore, we LONG for the salad days of President Clinton.
We may have options now, but look at yourself in a recent mirror. One where you didn't know about Barak Obama.
Look hard cretins.
Look hard forgetfuls.

chanchow said...

Not certain Clinton would be MY choice.

toddy said...

Mmm hmm.
And what viable candidate were you thinking of voting for?
Who would you throw your hat into the ring with for the general election?
You gross me out, its so obtuse.

Octopus Grigori said...

Some of you all sound like you're doing your own Clinton turning red in the face impressions.

Matt & Toddy: First, we do not all agree that HRC would be everyone's first choice, "PERIOD". Here's why.

Let us fondly recall HRC voting for the invasion of Iraq in 2002 (with "conviction") and refusing to support competing legislation at the time that would have backed diplomatic efforts -- and, to this day, refusing to apologize for that fateful 2002 vote. This was by far her most significant act as a legislator in her much touted "35 years of experience" -- is tremendously more pernicious pandering to the right than Obama's objectively true statement.

Let's take a look back. What did [Bill] Clinton accomplish, for all the hope and optimism? Not much. NAFTA, gutting the federal social safety net, passing stringent habeas corpus restrictions, bombing a pharmaceutical factory in the Sudan during a sex scandal, getting impeached -- and rendering himself useless as a proponent for change -- by having sex in the Oval Office, etc. (We did get the FMLA. Let's not forget that.)

Otherwise, I think many of us can agree (maybe not "EVERYONE") that Clinton's presidency, after all the high hopes we had for him coming in, was one of the most disappointing in recent memory. And I'm having a hard time remembering: what big ideas did the Clinton presidency stand for, other than Bill Clinton himself? What vision did the Clinton presidency offer?

As for the vaunted economy of the 1990's, the Clintons need one of HRC's "reality checks": no President has any real control over economic booms or busts. Clinton did not create the dot com boom; he didn't create Amazon or Google (or It's true that Robert Rubin was a great Treasury secretary, and we can debate the wisdom of Greenspan, but I'll submit that Clinton was not responsible for the prosperity of the 90's. He mostly just presided over it. And during that tremendous prosperity, what did he do? He "ended welfare as we [knew] it."

I think we're getting a glimpse during this campaign of a Bill Clinton desperate -- and angry -- to try to preserve his legacy. He's just running into the fact that some of us are having a hard time remembering or even articulating what that legacy is.

Toddy said...

I roll my eyes at thee.
And myself.
I really ought not to post political torpedoes late night with a beer in hand.

The assertion is not that Clinton was perfect, or that Hillary is the greatest choice. The assertion is that were Obama not in the race, Hillary would most likely be the democratic nominee.
As such I would assume (that ass making thing) that either people would vote for her over a Republican candidate.
However, it is some sort of blind hindsight to bemoan his presidency. Especially in light of the BushII years and the blatant mismanagement and long term detriment that entails.
Attack with self righteous vigor whoever you like, I enjoy reading it and its often illuminating, but I think some care ought to be taken to not forget the recent past and the possible worlds scenario.

I'll say this: as Clinton presided over the boom years not of his making, so will Obama preside over the bust ones equally without creative fault.
It is becoming painfully clear that the office of president does not effect much positive change lately. It is crisis management at this point. Obama will be playing from way behind in his four years, and I reckon we ought to keep that, for our expectations and recriminations, in mind.