Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This Blog Will Soon Be Outsourced

It's a little odd, but when I hear the reports about how U.S. schoolkids do so crappy on math and science compared to kids from other countries, I start to feel guilty: a wave of math anxiety washes over me -- I'm right back in fourth grade, walking up to the board to do some nasty long division, with decimals. That is to say, I have this feeling that our poor scores might somehow be my fault. I'm sorry, everybody.


toddy said...

Jerk. Thats why I got a 'D' in algebra 3 my senior year of High School. In case you need a little perspective, Algebra 3 was peopled by freshmen and sophomores at the time. And its all your fault.

Anonymous said...

I have a recurring nightmare in which I'm forced back into high school calculus class leading up to a final exam. The context is that there's some snafu with my high school diploma, so I have to go back and do this one exam again. I always wake up before I actually have to take the exam, but the feeling of fear and hopelessness is visceral and overwhelming. Yikes!