Thursday, January 31, 2008

We Can Win

Winged Victory of Samothrace (Nike) (c. 190 B.C.)

Obama is dramatically cutting away at Clinton's former huge lead.

Reasons to vote for Obama, from Christopher Hayes and Rosa Brooks.

Another very good reason not to vote for Hillary Clinton: her willingness to throw unions under the bus when she was on the board of directors of WalMart.

As you all know, it is now a crucial time in the campaign. The Octopus begs and pleads with everyone reading this blog: support Obama on Tuesday, persuade your friends and family who might be wavering to support Obama's historic candidacy, and get out and motivate and convince your neighbors and co-workers. Our country is in a terrible spot, and we need at this point in history the inspired leadership that Barack Obama offers. I am convinced, as many others are, that Barack Obama is the type of candidate that comes around once in a generation. This is our chance to do something wonderful for our country. Let's win this thing!

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MK said...

Good point by Christopher Hayes about the coattails in the red states. I hadn't thought about that.