Thursday, January 03, 2008

Welcome to the Future

The world as we know it has just changed. ABC, NBC, NPR, CNN, the NYT, LAT, and the AP have all just declared Barack Obama the winner of the 2008 Iowa Caucus.

Democratic turnout was nearly double the Republican turnout. Democrats are fired up and ready to go. This is our year.

The future looks bright. Anything is possible. I haven't felt this hopeful about our country for many many years.

Thank you, Iowa! The New Hampshire primary is in five days. Here we come!


jose said...

"welcome to the future" or "it's over"? pick one! ;-)

Octopus Grigori said...

I pick both: The campaign is over. Barack Obama is the winner. I am chalking up at least 3 percentage points of his victory to the recent Octopus Grigori endorsement.

toddy said...

I dunno. Obama looks strong, but would a greenhorn Democrat administration have the chops to undue the terror and destruction that has been put firmly in place by our previous rulers? It will take a concerted Machiavellian push to reverse the state of things. And then to hold on for another four years, we have to think about that.
Not that there is anyone else available to do better I suppose.
I am just not that optimistic.

Octopus Grigori said...

Yes. I trust Obama to undo the destruction and untold damage to America's good standing in the world wreaked by the Bush Administration. I do not trust Clinton & Clinton, who were happy to go along with the greatest foreign policy mistake in modern American history -- and HRC has yet to admit that it was a terrible, awful, unforgivable mistake to authorize this administration to invade Iraq. And, while we're at it, I don't trust John Edwards's judgment on that score, despite his recent change of opinion on Iraq. The unavoidable fact is that he's running as a completely different person than he was in 2004. The times have changed, and Edwards has stuck his finger in the wind and changed with them. Don't get me wrong -- I agree with a lot of what Edwards is saying this day, and he deserves to be applauded for his bold rhetoric against corporate greed, against the neocons, against the war. But where was this all in 2004? More to the point, where was this guy in 2002? And it's not enough to say "everybody was for the war" -- because that simply isn't true. The world was against it, and Obama, Gore, Dean, and many many others saw the invasion for what it was. I will go with that camp every time.

MK said...

It will be interesting to see what happens with the Republicans. Giuliani and McCain didn't really figure in Iowa.

If Obama indeed wins, he will have a tough time ahead. Not because it will take a more experienced person to undo the prior damage. (Experience is overrated - I can say that from experience.) But because he will inherit a lot of problems that may create negative fallout during his administration. He could be the next Carter in that he might get the blame for a recessionary economy, ludicrous oil prices, inflation and an unmitigated mess in any of Pakistan/Afghanistan/Iran/Iraq/Palestine, irrespective of the fact that the seeds for these failures were planted well before he takes office. It will suffice that they will likely take place during his watch.

I am very hopeful about Obama and I think he will win. But I am concerned that whichever Democrat wins, he/she may not last more than one term. There are several storms brewing...

Toddy said...

Experience is overrated. Yes. Maybe., in many circumstances. Being president of the country may be one. Look at George W. Bush. I think any Republican who levels a charge of inexperience at Obama is being more hypocritical than they already are.
Speaking of hypocritical right wing politicians: I can think of just one off the top of my head who isn't a total liar ( I am sure there are more): Ron Paul.
I love that guy.
I like what he says.
I like his stubborn libertarian ways that so often get taken out of context by the media to his detriment.

Kucinich/Paul 'o8!