Tuesday, February 05, 2008

First Out of the Gate: Obama Wins Big In Georgia

Update 2/6/08: Clinton loans $5 million from her personal fortune to her campaign. I hope she's getting a good rate of interest. Why didn't she just donate to her campaign as she's asking everyone else to do?

I guess after her much touted "35 years of public service," since the age of 25, with, oh, just a 16-year stint at a corporate law firm, Clinton somehow still manages to have a good chunk of change on hand.

I'm not really sure the Clintons want everyone to start following the money.

I guess the question I have for Clinton supporters out there is this: do we really think restoring a multimillionaire former first lady and corporate law partner (and her former president spouse) to the White House to perpetuate a two-family reign over this country for a third of a century is, in any way, real change? Or is it just business as usual and more of the same?

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