Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hearts or Minds

First, Michelle Obama is my fucking hero.

I was thinking about this in the car on the way home. Who are these people, Barack and Michelle Obama? Where did they come from? I'm not a religious person -- FREAK ALERT -- but it really does feel to me sometimes as if they have been sent to us, in these darkest of times for our country, to lift us up, to give us reason to have hope for what our great nation can become, to give us reason to believe that we can once again be a light to other nations. I full well realize that this all sounds ridiculous -- some have referred to this state I'm in as being "Obamatarded". I know I'm ridiculous when I get weepy listening to Michelle Obama talk about her hopes for this country. I know we are simply electing a mere politician to be president, not a pristine savior. But Barack and Michelle Obama really do seem like just what we all need right now.

There will be let downs, there will be doubts raised, and there will be crises and mistakes. There may even be failure in the end. But let me suggest this for today: no matter what happens from here on out, savor this moment. Savor this moment: this is what it feels like to have hope for your country again. This is what it feels like to watch history being made. This is what it feels like to see a movement build that makes people want to get out and give -- their time, their effort, their creativity, and, sometimes, their hard-earned money -- all to make this country great again, and in a new and brilliant way. This is what it feels like to see a new generation of Americans rise to take their place leading the nation. This is what it feels like to believe.

So there you have it: no policy arguments, no analysis of "electability," just my raw emotions. I don't think I've ever felt this way about any political campaign -- and I think that applies to millions of people out there. These people seem like decent, intelligent, hardworking, honest, and strong individuals. I trust these people. I believe that Barack Obama will do great things for our nation. These are the people I want representing my country.

Other items: I am happy to report on the triumphant return of the legendary Opposition Report.

I also recommend to you the on-going life-blogging series at South Oxford. For the next month or so, The Widge is writing up one post for every year of his life, working from Year 1 to Year Thirtysomething.

I'm going to go blow my nose now.

Update 2/10/08: Joel Stein delves into his own Obamaphilia and urges all of us Obama supporters not to embarrass ourselves.


toddy said...

I have a post new year's resolution that mandates that I not add cynical and otherwise skeptical comments to idealist politio's blogs.
That being the case I will not shale my head and rue the high expectations put on politicians who should, by job description operate in cynical and Machiavellian ways.
These are not people sent from anywhere. They simply have more ego than anyone else. And, granted we need them.
Crap, did I just break my rule?

toddy said...

Joel Stein there puts it well enough.
That is, in the immortal words of Stan Lee " 'Nuff Said."