Monday, February 04, 2008

How Hillary Clinton "Found Her Voice"

She paid for it:
After her big upset in New Hampshire last month, Hillary Rodham Clinton famously declared, "I found my own voice." What she also found was her own voice coach.

According to Clinton campaign's latest federal campaign disclosure report, the Democratic presidential candidate paid $7,500 to voice and drama coach extraordinaire Michael Sheehan in October.

Sheehan, a graduate of the Yale School of Drama who once was the associated producer of the Folger Theater Group, also helped shaped the voice and image of Bill Clinton, who Sheehan features prominently on his web site. If anyone could help Clinton soften her style, as the campaign sought to do in the weeks leading up to the New Hampshire primary, it would be Sheehan.

According to Campaign & Elections magazine, Sheehan is "a political candidate's best hope for developing the techniques to appear confident and in-control in front of a television camera or a live audience. While some pundits criticize candidates for using this type of service, people like Lloyd Bentsen, Ann Richards and even Bill Clinton have all benefited from his expertise."

Sen. Clinton also sought Sheehan's guidance for the publicity tour for her memoir, "Living History," in which she describes her upbringing as well as her "terrible, painful experience" in the White House.

Sheehan's clients include such media companies as the Washington Post and AOL, as well as big oil companies, HMOs, insurance companies and defense contractors.
[Washington Post - emphasis added] So that new-found emotion from Hillary Clinton? Her own voice, her honesty? All brought to you by the same people that groom big oil, big insurance, and big defense contractors.

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