Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama Hoops It Up

Obama playing basketball in Hawaii with his high school team in the late 70's (I think that's the date -- I'm dating this based on the length of the shorts). He's number 23. He makes a nice left-handed lay-up (his stronger hand), and misses a free throw.

I'm a big believer in the value of team sports. Basketball seems to have been a major factor in Obama's formative years. Being part of a team may well have helped Obama develop some of his social graces, while also building his confidence, and helping him develop the physical grace he possesses. McCain, interestingly, was a wrestler in high school, in lighter weight classes. Wrestling is, of course, an intensely individualistic sport; that sport would seem to fit McCain's fiery, intense, and "maverick" personality. Hillary Clinton played tennis in her youth.

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toddy said...

I wrestled in high school. Then quit wrestling the next year only to get cut by the basketball team only to try a return to wrestling after being cut only to lose interest and quitting again.
I loved wrestling though.
But I loved basketball more.
I was way better at wrestling.

Now I like soccer.
Thats the only sport for me.