Monday, February 04, 2008

Obama Now Leading in National Polls

CNN's latest national poll, released today, shows Obama with a three-point lead over Clinton -- this new result shows that Clinton's former double-digit lead has evaporated in the last few days, as Obama has been surging across the country, in both blue states and red states.

If you are supporting Senator Obama, please do everything you can between now and tomorrow to get your friends and family out to support Obama as well. Please try to call or email or text five people and ask them to support Obama.

A tremendous, historic change, the likes of which this country has never seen before, is within our grasp. Let's get it done!

Update: As Michael Chabon tells us all in today's Washington Post, don't be afraid to hope.

Newsflash: Erica Jong likes Hillary, thinks Obama is a nice, attractive token

Meanwhile, if you feel like throwing up, take a gander at Erica Jong's self-absorbed and radically stupid and offensive, while conflicted and self-contradictory love-in to Hillary Clinton in the same paper today. Here's a taste:
As a senator she has learned compromise and negotiation. . . . She knows this country is full of "security" moms as well as soccer moms. Since she is a woman, she has to show she's ready to be commander in chief. Hence her "triangulation" on Iraq and her signing the absurd Lieberman-Kyl resolution, which calls on our government to use "military instruments" to "combat, contain and [stop]" Iran's meddling in Iraq.

By the time it came up she must have known the Cheney-Bush war profiteers would never embrace even partial peace. She had to win over her America and theirs.

Who ever got elected in the United States without moving to the center? Not Ralph Nader the narcissist, nor Ross Perot the spoiler, nor certainly Adlai Stevenson the "egghead," nor Ronnie Reagan the red-baiter from Hollywoodland. Dubya presented himself as a "compassionate conservative" and our dopey press bought it. They inflicted him on us because they thought Al Gore was a nerd. The right-wing media barons happily smeared the better man for no good reason. Noam Chomsky predicted all this 25 years ago, when he said that the concentration of the media would rob us of real news.

It certainly has. We can read all we want about Britney, Paris, Heath, Tom Cruise, the Spice Girls and all their buds -- dead or alive -- but we can't read about how many children have been maimed in Iraq, or their dead and legless or armless mothers and fathers who were shocked and awed. But we know it's happening. And we feel the great weight of our complicity.

You will point to Hillary's complicity. You will quote crazy-like-a-fox Ann Coulter, who claims to be voting for her.

You will also quote left-wing bloggers who love Barack Obama, and peaceniks (I am one) who see no evil in him (nor do I). But I see little experience either. Obama is smart and attractive. Maybe he'll be president someday.

He was lucky enough not to be in the Senate when the Iraq war resolution was floated after then-Secretary of State Colin Powell lied about WMDs. That was the true tragedy of race: a black man lying for a corrupt white administration that was using him as a token, much as they use Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice now.

Obama is also a token -- of our incomplete progress toward an interracial society. I have nothing against him except his inexperience. Many black voters agree. They understand tokenism and condescension.
I couldn't believe this shit as I was reading it. See, Erica Jong knows what black voters think, and she knows that they understand that Obama is just a token. What the fuck does the segue to Colin Powell have to do with Obama?? And does the piece even make any sense? Jong's piece is truly one of the most repulsive, stupid, disgusting, and vile things I have read in recent months. Clinton supporters, you can feel good that you have such a conflicted, condescending, smugly racist jackass like Erica Jong in your corner!

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