Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Bad for America

It's becoming more and more obvious that the Clinton Campaign purposefully darkened Obama's skin tone, and stretched out his face (to widen his nose and thicken his features) to make him look blacker.

Gee, Hillary, thanks for going there. Clinton supporters, congratulations: this is the good work of your candidate.

Hey, Hillary -- Release your tax returns already! Are you still "too busy" to do so? What are you hiding?

Release your papers from your time as First Lady! What are you hiding?

Hey, Hillary -- Name one foreign crisis you have ever dealt with. If you had to pick up that stupid red phone that doesn't exist at 3 a.m., would you not be dealing with your first foreign crisis ever? Where is your vaunted foreign policy experience? You did go on an international trip with Sinbad and Cheryl Crow when you were First Lady. Maybe you could go defuse future foreign crises with Carrot Top and Avril Levine.

From Wonkette

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