Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New York Has Totally Jumped the Shark

See! They're both BLACK!

The NYT continues its jihad against Obama with an article about Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts:
Gov. Deval Patrick has lately addressed doting crowds around the country as a surrogate for Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, his friend and fellow gifted orator. Last month, Mr. Obama even acknowledged borrowing language from Mr. Patrick’s stump speeches, casting a flattering light on a novice politician barely known outside Massachusetts.

But there is no such glow at home for Mr. Patrick, the first Democrat to lead his state in 16 years and the nation’s second elected black governor.

Mr. Patrick, who easily won office in 2006 after dazzling voters with a message of hope and change, suffered a nasty defeat last week at the hands of the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, which quashed his proposal to increase revenues by allowing three resort casinos in the state. None of the governor’s major policy proposals have cleared the Legislature, in fact, and he and Salvatore DiMasi, the speaker of the House, have taken to trading barbs publicly.

Mr. Patrick is faring better than a year ago, when he was under siege for spending more than $10,000 on drapes for his State House office and upgrading his state car from a Ford Crown Victoria to a Cadillac. (He later agreed to reimburse the state for the drapes and part of the car lease.) By his third month in office, Mr. Patrick had announced that his wife was being treated for depression, and by his fourth, he had overhauled his staff.

Do you get the connections? Do you, huh? do you? Patrick "dazzl[ed] voters with a message of hope and change," he wanted a Cadillac, got fancy pimped-out drapes for his TOTALLY BLACK PERSON office. . . HE'S BLACK LIKE OBAMA! DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO THE BOSNIA "MISSPEAK"! Do we have to spell it out for you monkeys? Patrick sucks; Patrick is totally black just like Obama; therefore, Obama will suck. IT'S A SYLLOGISM, BITCHES. Time to GET REAL. Stop being "dazzled" by the fancy-talking black people and vote for the lying, Iraq-war-authorizing, Iran-war-threatening Hillary Clinton. She may not be fancy or dazzling or speak real pretty-like or tell the truth, but she is NOT BLACK. And she works real hard all the time, at 3 a.m., tearing Obama down, to save you. That's why she's "sleep-deprived" and making shit up.

Hey, I've figured out how this syllogism thing works. Let's see . . . Hillary's last name is Clinton. She's married to Bill, whose last name is also Clinton. Bill got impeached and was useless for the final term of his presidency because he thought it would be a good idea to get blown in the Oval Office by a twenty-something intern. So Hillary will probably do some crazy-ass shit, too. Right?

Also, can we now have some stories examining how unappealing, millionaire, grating, screeching, humorless old white female politicians serving as surrogates for Hillary totally sucked in office, and suggesting that, therefore, Hillary would suck in office, too? Please?

Starting the countdown to a SNL skit sympathetic to Hillary starring Amy Poehler and some guy in blackface . . . .

Moving out of New York was the best thing I ever did.

You go, girl!

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Toddy said...

I gotta say, I read that NYT article in the paper and found it newsworthy if not well written.

Also, all these calls for Hillary to get out of the race are ridiculous.

But I did get my Obama t-shirt in teh mail the other day. Really, I am voting for him because its fashionable.