Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This Just Gets Better and Better

Hilarious. If there is justice in the world, this really should be the bottomless well of mendacity in which the Clinton campaign will be drowned.

I really love the part where Clinton is in her shamrock scarf and gets that nasty, harsh, don't-fuck-with-me-I-will-rip-your-face-off look and belligerently says (in her best "SHAME ON YOU", end of story, that's the bottom line voice) -- "and that's what happened." So don't fucking question her, because she's telling you what FUCKING HAPPENED. She's Hillary Clinton, and YOU DO NOT QUESTION HER, you bitches. And she's doing her autistic nod thing, which makes everything she says TOTALLY FUCKING TRUE AND RIGHT. All of which is totally great and awesome, except, of course, that she's totally making shit up. Sometimes we call that, oh, I don't know, LYING YOUR ASS OFF.

But, of course, she should still win because, you know, she appeals to racist people who are uncomfortable about the brown guy who Hillary is not quite sure is not a Muslim. *Shudder*. And she has lots of experience. Have you heard about her landing in sniper fire in war-torn Bosnia?

This may be a classic example of a politician getting high on her own stash (i.e., believing the bullshit lie she's been repeating for months and months). Can someone tell me what the point of the Hillary Clinton for President campaign is at this point?

Also, I'd like to make a wager that those fuckheads and Al Jolson-types at SNL will not put together a heartless skit skewering Clinton on this.

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David said...

and as always, the bullshit you say to explain the bullshit you said before is even more bullshit.

Yesterday she said she "misspoke." Gotcha. By "the plane made an emergency landing and we had to exit crouching and duck behind cars to avoid sniper fire," isn't it totally obvious that she meant, "we ambled off the plane, strolled over to shake some hands, took some flowers from a young girl and then took some photos w/ a group of seventh-graders"?

Today, she says she "misremembers." Mercifully, I have never been within 1500 miles of, much less been a target of, sniper fire. But I have to imagine that if I had, I'd probably remember that one quite vividly. I can understand how she could forget about having Sinbad along--he's not funny.

Then later today, she tries to spin this bullshit as a positive: "So I made a mistake. That happens. It proves I'm human, which, y'know, for some people is a revelation."