Saturday, April 26, 2008

Los Angeles and Environs

This guy was hanging on for dear life on a palm tree at my bus stop downtown, right near Ye Olde Taco House #1. The cook at Ye Olde identified him as a baby possum. Everyone was wondering where the mother was. I kept on expecting the mother to come screaming down the palm tree, tear out all of our eyes, and rescue her baby. But she never came. I missed a bus trying to get good pictures of the baby possum.

Another shot of the baby possum. He moved a little left and right, but not up or down, during the ten minutes I was observing him. (It may have been a girl, I don't know.)

More shots of the tortoises from the L.A. Zoo. They were really slow. One of the tortoises appeared to be spending the entire afternoon with his head tucked in, pressed up against a wall. They live a long time.

The backboard at the Eagle Rock Recreation Center. Apparently, there's been an outbreak of illegal dunking in Eagle Rock. I was there a couple weekends ago. I got totally, absolutely waxed by some college-age kid. Like 11-2, and then 11-3. He was draining threes and jumpers from everywhere. I spent most of my time working on my left hand drive; suffice to say that I'm no Manu Ginobili.

This is one of the organizations in the Citibank building on Eagle Rock Boulevard in Eagle Rock. I have no idea what it is. I guess I could Google it. Okay, I just did, and now I'm disappointed. It's apparently just a temp agency and not some kind of crazy religious sect preparing for the Rapture. Bummer.

Flowers outside Spitz, on Colorado, near the Sizzler.

Brad Penny (I believe) pitching against the Padres a few weeks ago. We got a hold of free field level seats. They were ridiculous. The Dodgers lost. I am a Mets fan for life, but I feel some affection for the current incarnation of the Dodgers. It's hard not to like guys like Rafael Furcal, Russell Martin, and James Loney. I'm trying to get tickets to see the Mets when they come to town in a week or so.

A tunnel from the arrival gates to the baggage claim area at LAX at the end of a long day of commuting for work. This shot strikes me as a very late-90's kind of image, maybe something that would go in the liner notes of a trip-hop group's CD. It feels very pre-Bush era, that whole feeling of the world is going to work out as we all stylishly commute to raves and conferences in sexy international locations and come closer together through international treaties, equitably distributed prosperity, sustainable development, Apple products, and electronic music. Didn't work out that way.


Kris said...

OG, you gotta get yourself a fancy little 10 MP pocket camera and post more photos. You take good ones.

toddy said...

For real.
And that baby possum is cute.
I bet it's dead now.