Monday, April 14, 2008

The Faith of Our Parents and Grandparents -- Not Yours

Roger Cohen explains, quite movingly, just why -- and some of us might have forgotten during this longueur between primaries -- it matters so much who wins the Democratic nomination.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton wants to make sure you know that her Christian faith “is the faith of [her] parents and [her] grandparents.” Get it? Unlike, some other, *ahem*, BLACK MADRASSA MUSLIM and/or CRAZY WHITE-HATING CHRISTIAN people (who don't have $$$110 MILLION$$$ on hand).

Trust her, she's really really faithful. She's like Joan of Arc! Well, okay, maybe not -- but it's NOT RELEVANT because, you monkeys, SHE IS WHITE! She is a totally, absolutely, UNADULTERATED CHRISTIAN WHITE PERSON. Therefore, she must win and the Clintons must be returned to power. Anyone who disagrees is an elitist, and/or possibly not totally Christian like Hillary Clinton, who is not a black Muslim French-Palestinian terrorist suicide bomber/Al Qaeda operative, AS FAR AS WE KNOW . . . .

Message from Hillary Clinton to America: Shady Black-Muslim dudes with funny names will never run our Great White Christian Nation. They do not understand Our Values or hunt ducks. Colored folk, please arrange yourselves around me for the photo op. Thank you.

I agree with Spike Lee! All of you whack-ass Clinton supporters can get the Bozack.


toddy said...

Dude, she bothers me more and more with each passing moment.

But I will not be cowed into fear.

David said...


are you going to be writing about your man Lieberman's comments about Obama's Marxism?