Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How Will It Play in Apex?

For your consideration: let's read today's column by NYT columnist Gail Collins.

This is such pointless, aimless, sloppy muck. As bloggers proliferate around the world, what is the point of hack columnists like Gail Collins? Why does Gail Collins have a column in the New York Times? Why is she not jealously guarding her table at an Upper West Side Barnes & Noble Cafe, piled with Atlantic and New Yorker magazines, as she nurses her latte and updates her blog about cats, Annie Proux, and teeth whiteners?

Joel Stein in the LA Times also often makes me feel this way.

What is the point of columnists like these?

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toddy said...

Seriously. What happened to crafting the well-written passage? Writers needed.