Wednesday, April 09, 2008

View from the Tank: Children of Men (2006) - Commentary by Slavoj Zizek

I saw this film back in 2007, but I thought it worthwhile to post about it now. I'm in complete agreement with Zizek: this really was one of the greatest films I've seen in the last decade. The attention to detail -- especially in the backgrounds, as Zizek discusses -- is overwhelming. The scenes in the immigration camp in particular are some of the most terrifying and fantastic film scenes I can remember watching.

Speaking of images of dystopian futures, I just found out that Ridley Scott is signed on with Leonardo DiCaprio to direct an adaptation of Brave New World


chanchow said...

i couldn't stand this movie. it made me puke.

Julia said...

have you read the book? by p. d. james. much better than the film, in my opinion, b/c you get more details about the world, which uniquely characterizes the mood of despair (which is what really engaged me in both movie and book) - the group suicides, unbearable hopelessness of a future without human existence. an amazing concept! i am so jealous. i wish i "owned" the idea and i think it is executed in a more profound and moving way in the book b/c we see more of the world.
i liked the movie but there was way too much action (very hollywood in its momentum) that distracted me from the tedious despair of this childless world.
i'll mail the book to you if you don't have it!

did you read never let me go by ishiguro?
the road by mccarthy?

i am way too into post-apocalyptic shit right now - not a great sign.
anyone have any other post-apocalyptic suggestions for me? that sounds weird, but i am serious. there's never more at stake than at the end of the world...

Julia said...

ok, one other comment. can you tell i am supposed to be working, that luca is with the babysitter?
this scene was actually among my favorites b/c it did imply the unique world. fascinating stuff - his cousin, and the preservation of these somewhat meaningless objects (since no one will be around to give them meaning shortly).
i think that is my favorite line - somewhere in this section of the film - i believe it is clive who states that - that no one will be around to see these things - or maybe his cousin?

Toddy said...

Zizek is hilarious and certainly and interesting thinker, but Children Of Men, while certainly well made from a architectural-filmic point of view, lacked any real zing for me. A little paint by numbers on the emotional front and mostly expected. Beautiful compositions and camerawork, little else surprising or affecting.
Ridley Scott doing "brave New World" sounds like a disaster. This is a thoughtful book. Scott is a quick cut maestro with his boots stuck in cold mud. DiCaprio could bring John Savage to life, but Scott will quickly undo an good acting with forceful post.
Maybe not of course, but I'd wager. . .

Kris said...

I had high hopes for Children of Men and was let down a bit. I love the post-apocalyptic genre too, but I felt like this movie was a little flat. Not flat conceptually, just flat in how far they pushed the idea. I was surprised by how much praise it received. Beautiful photography, that's the best thing in the film. And the trailer, I love watching the trailer.

I like these reviews OG - very good.