Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chris Matthews Calls Bullshit

I almost felt bad for this right-wing blowhard moron with his sad-ass sideways mouth bullshit spewing. I've never seen a TV pundit absolutely demolish anyone the way Matthews does here.

Scratch beneath the surface of the Right's current talking points (e.g., we must fight "them" over "there" so "they" don't attack us "here", etc.) and find revealed a world of dizzying idiocy.

Hat tip to a friend way out in Santa Monica Venice for the clip!


MK said...


Kris said...

That was great. What an unbelievable asshole that Kevin guy is. How does that guy make it through a single day without getting punched in the face?

Ranta said...

I generally find Chris Matthews to be extremely annoying and able to blow hard with the best of them. But it's true -- it totally nailed this Kevin James douchebag. How do a-holes like him get an open forum to begin with? If I were Matthews, I'd call him Daddy's Little Punching Bag.