Thursday, May 22, 2008


Welcome to the next phase of Campaign 2008.

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toddy said...

What is the deal with Blacks and Jews? I gotta say, it mystifies me. I am sure there is some really gnarly, documented cultral issue here, but it is nothing I have read to much on.

On a side note, Dear Octopus, some day we will have to kick a futbol around together. Every Wednesday I play in a big full field game run by Argentines. Some Jamaicans show up, a couple other South American types, a couple Mexicans, and a few Limeys. My total domination of the Left Flank from my preferred defensive position is complete.
We have to kick around some day.
Maybe even play on the same team.
This is when I finally move back to the West Coast.
We will be 50, but we will play.