Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day

It's the Octopus's fourth May Day. Sad to say, the world has not improved in the three and a half years that Octopus Grigori has been in existence. To mark this May Day, I set out the basic elements of an ideal America as envisioned by Octopus Grigori:
  • a universal right to food for all

  • a universal right to health care

  • a universal right to housing

  • a universal right to quality public education through college

  • massive government investment in clean renewable energy sources, especially solar and wind, with a committment to achieve zero-growth on carbon emissions within ten years

  • the development of high-speed rail links up and down both coasts, and cross-country, to help reduce air and car travel

  • gas taxes, registration and parking fees, congestion fees, and traffic fines routed toward development and promotion of public transportation

  • obligatory foreign language study through high school, with an emphasis on Spanish

  • greater emphasis in public elementary schools on fitness and proper nutrition

  • public financing of political campaigns

  • tax benefits encouraging Americans who adopt to adopt American children

  • the dedication of a major segment of the armed forces to national and international disaster relief work, perhaps with a special division dedicated to such work

  • a minimum wage high enough to afford workers dignity and comfort

  • greater funding of public libraries, in connection with greater public internet access, and reading access to all library holdings via internet

  • an obligatory year of national service for all college graduates, either in the Peace Corps, domestic public schools, or the military.

  • a national holiday honoring Native Americans

  • a national holiday in remembrance of American slaves

  • a national holiday honoring workers on May 1
I may be adding to this list. (Updated 5/2/08)


Julia said...

if you run, i'll vote for you.


and luca will too.

toddy said...

I like the list. The library one is a platform I had yet to really think about. The others are on my list as well.
Might I add a national holiday or two on scheduled voting days?

Octopus Grigori said...

Thanks, j & t. Toddy, the national voting holiday is an excellent idea, one that I've often thought about.