Monday, June 23, 2008

A Bullet-Point Summary of My Weekend

  • Ate at San Sui (never spectacular, but usually good and fresh, with very nice people, and usually no wait for tables) in Los Feliz. Had the Dynamite Scallops. Spoke some Japanese to the ancient proprietress of the restaurant (possessor of what may be the most distinctive voice in all of Los Angeles), which entertained her, slightly.

  • Watched the ESPN replay of the Turkey-Croatia Euro 2008 quarterfinal match. Had several Pacificos with lemon wedges from the lemon tree in the backyard as I did this.

  • Woke up before 7 for some reason. Read Capital and Bruno Bettelheim for a while. Thought about things I had to do.

  • Watered the plants in the backyard.

  • Watched the beginning of The Odd Couple

  • Picked up my newly-repaired tenor sax. Watched Russia defeat Holland. Played the tenor sax for a while. With the repairs, I discovered that I am now able to hit and sustain a low C and D. Before, I would just make horrible honking sounds. There was apparently a leak. So it wasn't my fault! It was my equipment! Prior to the repairs, I was beginning to lose confidence in my ability to play the tenor. Now I am sure I will be appearing on a stage near you very soon.

  • Read some more. Wrote some correspondence to some friends in cards I had lying around from the MOCA bookstore.

  • Went with Mrs. Octopus to see Encounters at the End of the World (review coming soon -- 4 tentacles) at the L.A. Film Festival, over in Westwood. Waited in line with the other film festival goers. The only movie line I've seen in L.A. where people were reading books while they waited. That might have been because we were right by UCLA -- not sure.

  • Ate soba at Yabu on Pico.

  • Came home and watched the end of The Odd Couple

  • Woke up around 9 and read the paper for a while.

  • Picked up remaining debris around the house from the gutter removal.

  • Talked to my dad on the phone.

  • Watched the mostly boring Spain-Italy quarterfinal.

  • Talked to my brother on the phone.

  • Went to a friend's birthday party. Played Wii tennis for the first time.

  • Played pickup basketball in Eagle Rock. I was working on my mid-range jumper, and it finally began to fall for me. I was also having more success with my drives to the basket -- likely because no one felt much like playing defense on a Sunday evening with the sun setting.

  • Made a spaghetti sauce for dinner from scratch with some found ingredients. Onions, garlic, diced tomatoes, some tomato paste, lots of oregano, some red pepper flakes, salt, garlic salt, and lots of pepper. I thought about throwing in cumin, but thought better of it. It turned out pretty well. We had it with whole wheat pasta. I am going to cook more.

  • Read some more in The Uses of Enchantment, and went to bed. I'm sure the creators of Shrek read this book.

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