Wednesday, June 04, 2008

An Open Letter to Sen. Hillary Clinton from a Fellow Democrat

Dear Senator Clinton,

You have run a historic and hard-fought campaign. Your commitment and tenacity have earned the respect of millions.

However, Barack Obama has now officially won the Democratic nomination.

The question is now pretty simple: are you a Democrat, or not? Because, as a Democrat, now is not the time to make demands, or attempt to open negotiations. Our role, as Democrats, is to unite behind our nominee -- who won the Democratic nomination in Democratic elections under Democratic Party rules -- and to win back the White House and put this country back on the right path after the eight disastrous and ruinous years of Bush and Cheney we've all lived through.

We cannot afford to lose this election. We cannot afford to continue to send American men and women to die in a war that should never have been started. We cannot afford to lose control of the Supreme Court to the far right for the next forty years. We cannot afford to continue the Bush-Cheney strategy of preemptive, endless war. We cannot afford to watch our nation's economy crumble into ruins. We cannot afford to do nothing about the nearly 50 million Americans living in fear because they have no health insurance.

This year, we, as Democrats, will win together. The stakes are higher than any one individual's personal ambition. Bush, Cheney, and the Republicans have taken our country to a historical nadir, recklessly flouted our Constitution, stood by as our economy self-destructed, and made the world a more dangerous place. This must stop. We need you to help us. Fight with us, Senator Clinton. We need to win this year, and with your strength, experience, and tenacity on our side, we are going to win. We will change the course we're on, and we will save our country.

Please, Senator Clinton, concede the race, and endorse Senator Obama. Together, we Democrats cannot be stopped this year. Our nation, and history, are waiting for your to do the right thing.

Octopus Grigori
(D)-Los Angeles

[Updated 6/4/08 at 5:30 p.m.: Well, guess this post got overtaken by developing events.]

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