Friday, July 04, 2008

In Dhaka

Blogger is watching me: it keeps asking if I want to blog in one of its new Indic scripts.

Mrs. Octopus and I are in Bangladesh for a week, before heading off to India and Hong Kong. We're staying with relatives in the Dhanmondi area of Dhaka, where the air has improved dramatically since my last visit here in 1997 and my asthma hasn't been an issue. Back in 1997, I couldn't get through a few hours -- inside or outside -- without taking deep drags from an inhaler. Apparently, the authorities here banned certain types of baby taxi (those three-wheeled vehicles called tuk tuks in Thailand) engines a few years ago, and most of the baby taxis (and many city buses and private vehicles) have been converted to natural gas engines. That ban has really helped improve air quality.

I'm a little wary of posting about the political situation here while I'm actually in the country; I'll do that later.

In any event, posts will likely be somewhat sporadic over the next week or so.

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