Thursday, July 10, 2008

Monsoon Season in Hong Kong

According to the BBC World Weather Reports we've been watching, it's been raining everywhere in Asia for the past week or so. It rained every day we were in Bangladesh and India, and it's raining here in Hong Kong. A lot. I have been perpetually wet this entire trip. Nothing is ever fully dry. I am so missing that good old L.A. desert climate.

We're up on Victoria Peak, after a cool tram ride up here at a pretty absurd angle. We're in some cafe up here, looking out on some amazing views of the city.

[UPDATED A FEW MINUTES LATER] Mrs. Octopus went to the bathroom, so I have a few more minutes to entertain you. A fog just rolled in, so now we can't see anything from up here at the Peak. We're going to take the Peak Tram back down in a few minutes and look for a dive bar somewhere.

I like Hong Kong so far, but it's a bit overwhelming; I haven't quite figured it out yet. Maybe it's just that I don't know exactly where I should be going. Feel free to leave a comment with helpful suggestions.

I brought a couple Cantonese language books I got from the library. However, I made the tragic mistake of failing to update my Ipod with the CDs that came along with the those books. The books have minimal diacritical marks indicating the appropriate tones for words (Cantonese has seven tones), so my attempts to even try the simplest conversations are likely doomed. That said, the number system in Cantonese is fantastically simple (as opposed to Bengali, which has unique names for every number from 0-100).

I'm psyched for some more Chinese food.

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Anonymous said...

i was crazy about HK. We went during our trip and after some very quiet and relaxing places I was really happy to see some bustle. It was kind of like being in NYC, but everyone is Asian! I thought the bird market was a neat place to see and all of the egg cake stands are awesome (it's like there are hundreds of that woman on Mott street in NYC). There was also just a ton of shopping shopping shopping and I loved riding the star ferry back and forth. Are you guys getting some custom made suits/shirts? So worth it. Have fun!