Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 3 of the DNCC

Only have time for a quick post. Clinton exceeded my expectations last night. It was actually an excellent speech. Biden was pretty good as well, although he could have delivered his speech a bit better. He looked a bit nervous.

I thought Kerry was the surprise of the night. Why couldn't he have had that humor and spark four years ago? In any event, I think his speech was effective -- it was probably powered by four years of regret and guilt about what happened last time.

I'm a little worried about the Greek temple set at Mile High tonight. We'll see how that goes. Also curious to see how Gore comes across. Overall, I think the GOP is going to have a hard time matching this.

I've got my fingers crossed that McSame picks Mitt Romney for VP tomorrow and thereby dooms his candidacy.

UPDATE: Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson will be giving the Pledge of Allegiance tonight at the Democratic Convention. This is exactly the kind of thing the Dems need. I knew Johnson was one of the good ones when she showed up with those white peace earrings for her interview with Bob Costas after winning the gold on the balance beam. (Just as I knew Kerri Walsh was in the tank for Pres. Bush and the GOP when she gave a shout out to Bush at the opening ceremonies, hung out with him for tons of photo ops, and then gave him another shout out after winning the gold. Ughh. Ann Coulter in a beach volleyball outfit.)

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