Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 4 of the DNCC

Obama did exactly what needed to be done tonight, giving a full, enthralling, point-by-point explanation of what Change means. He made it brilliantly clear that the Democrats are the party of ideas and the party of the future. It was the most intelligent and strategically wise political speech I have ever seen.

What will the Republicans give us? They'll try to hide and run away from Bush. They'll try to blame everyone but themselves for the past eight years. They'll try to scare us into voting once again for endless bellicosity, and the same old tired, broke-ass bullsh*t. Wait till that ghoul Giuliani gets on stage as the keynote to do his noun/verb/911 schtick.

Sorry guys, we've had enough. We've had enough of government incompetence costing American lives. We've had enough of lies and propaganda driving us into trillion dollar mistakes, We've had enough of a repulsive, idiotic, and mindless ideology infecting our system of justice. We've had enough of endless tax cuts for the rich while the rest of us fall farther and farther behind. We've had enough of 47 million people without health care and health insurance companies denying care to the sick and most vulnerable. We've had enough of a fake-ass cowboy mentality driving us straight into the ground.

It ends now, this year.

Also, David Brooks is a dick. I am so sick of otherwise intelligent people telling me how he's a "reasonable conservative" and "an ally." He's not. When push comes to shove, he's Bill Kristol with tortoise-shell glasses and a weird lisp. He doesn't want "direct democracy diplomacy with nuclear proliferators [i.e., Iran]" -- he just wants to bomb the Mohammedans.


MK said...

You mean "direct diplomacy" not "direct democracy".

Otherwise agreed. That speech was amazing. Beyond my wildest expectations.

And, yes, Brooks is a dickhead, as I've said before. The worst thing is that he thinks he's funny. I guess someone thought he'd be a counterpart to Maureen Dowd. Except Dowd actually has humor.

BTW, WTF happened with Gore? Did someone hit the fast-forward button a third of the way through his speech? Suddenly, he just rattled on without coming up for a breath. Does he circular breathe?

Octopus Grigori said...

Correction noted. (My error was likely a result of living here in direct-democracyland [i.e., California].)

Obama is not merely charismatic or inspirational or history-making. No, I think the best reason for having him as our candidate is that he is a f*cking political genius. His brilliant campaign strategy, message, etc., showed us that; his speech was just more evidence that he is exactly the type of shrewd, tactical, and capable political leader we need to throw the bums out and take back the White House, increase our leads in the House and Senate, and restore balance on the Supreme Court.

The shit is ON, BITCHES!

David said...

Please comment on the Sarah Palin choice. I am really anxious that she is going to clinch the win for McCain. If she does, I am going to be more than despondent.
Henry N's mom.