Monday, August 18, 2008

Death in the Afternoon

These pictures were taken by my friend last week. He was at home in Silverlake when this gigantic dragonfly landed on him.

The dragonfly apparently clung to him and didn't let go. My friend went inside, with the dragonfly still attached.

The dragonfly flew around my friend's living room, listlessly, weakly. It didn't appear to want to go anywhere.

After a while, the dragonfly stopped flying, and instead sought to rest in my friend's palm.

Within a few hours, the dragonfly was barely moving its wings.

All things end. Summer was almost over, and the dragonfly's life was also coming to an end.

The dragonfly stopped moving in the late afternoon. My friend put it down and watched it for a few hours. It was dead.

My account is mostly fictionalized. Many thanks to my friend for the amazing photos.


chanchow said...

cool pictures. friend could be a hand model!

Eva said...

thats children's book material, or at least a short story. sad tho...
at least it didn't die alone.
* - *