Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Fate of the Nation Does Hang in the Balance

"I don't give a f*ck about your f*cking subpoenas."

Lies, hyper-secrecy, a premium on unquestioning loyalty, stonewalling government investigations, personal vendettas, retribution: this is just f*cking terrifying.

This woman simply cannot become the Vice President. She's Dick Cheney in a dress -- just more small-minded and vindictive.

Can you imagine what would happen if Sarah Palin became President?

Forget Roe v. Wade for a second -- what would happen if this woman had the power to declare individuals -- citizens or noncitizens -- enemy combatants, and order them locked away until the War on Terror is won? Would we trust her to exercise that judgment with wisdom and restraint?

With her desire to censor and control what the public can read -- and how is that part of a smaller, more efficient government? -- what would she do to the Department of Education? What would the Department of Justice be tasked with, once Monica Goodling is no longer a mere aide, but in charge of the most powerful country on earth?

How little would it take to provoke a President Palin, operating on God's orders, to launch an attack on Pakistan, Iran, Syria, or Russia? What would the world look like with Sarah Palin given the power to decide if and when to initiate World War III?

Dick Cheney in a dress. Horrible to contemplate (on many levels).

I simply cannot believe that this nasty, vindictive, lying person is potentially fifty odd days away from becoming our Vice President.

Also, the McCain-Palin campaign is simply full of sh*t. McCain and Palin are a pair of shameless liars -- that's the only fair way to describe it.

We've had enough of this sh*t for eight long-ass years. No more lies. No more deception. No more bullsh*t. Don't believe the hype -- it's a sequel. Enough is enough.

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