Sunday, September 07, 2008

Reality Bites (Back)

What I think this election will come down to: do we care more that Sarah Palin ordered "Moosetracks" ice cream in Wisconsin, or that milk costs $5 a gallon in Pennsylvania?

That is, will Americans care more about bullsh*t celebrity nonsense, and fake narratives about "small town values" and "character", or will they focus on who actually has a plan to help them and the nation get through our current economic meltdown?

How fitting that immediately after Palin's and McCain's big empty speeches the Dow crashed, and the jobs report came out showing the highest unemployment rate in five years. McCain sought to take the wind out of the bounce from the Dems' convention through the transparent stunt of the Palin pick; the Dems didn't have to rely on stagecraft to take the wind out of the Republicans' convention; reality has done that for them.

After the mistaken images of Walter Reed Middle School in Los Angeles have faded from the huge HD screen at the Xcel Center, who will give a rat's ass about Sarah Barracuda or pregnant daughters or false stories about selling luxury planes on Ebay when we are faced with the continuing onslaught of foreclosures, job losses, bank failures, and rising gas, food, and energy prices?

And, for f*ck's sake, if they're willing to straight up lie about trivial bullsh*t like selling the plane on Ebay, why the hell should we believe anything these assholes say? Is this really what we need after eight years of Bush, Cheney, Gonzalez, Libby, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and Company? More right-wing ideologues who so disrespect the American people that they think nothing of flatly lying to us, because they are so sure of their own righteousness? More fantasy and fiction brought to us by the creative writing departments of the Republican Party?

Finally, I'll take a moment to pull myself out of the campaign madness to note that we are doing some truly terrible things in Afghanistan. Both Obama and McCain need to address what exactly we are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq to ensure that we are not in fact killing scores of children and other civilians every month.

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