Friday, September 26, 2008

This Hurts My Brain

I think Chris Orr is right: the McCain campaign has broken Sarah Palin. I don't agree with Palin on anything, but at this point, I honestly do feel sorry for her. Even though she is dead wrong on the issues, I can admit that, before all of this V.P. drama broke her down, she was a talented, charismatic, natural politician, albeit one who didn't know much except local Alaska politics. And then McCain chose to thrust her into a national spotlight for which she was simply not prepared. On top of that, the McCain campaign has destroyed her own naive confidence by hammering home to everyone in the country that they fear letting her say anything unscripted to anyone.

From a Republican perspective (obviously not my own) I think the McCain camp's reckless move of throwing Palin into this position when she so obviously was not ready was stupid tactically, and terrible for their party, in that they have destroyed the reputation of one of their up and coming young politicians. Assuming the McCain campaign goes down this November -- and it will -- Palin will not have the chance to follow a natural progression and develop into a politician who could take the national stage (i.e., running for the Senate, spending some years gaining national and international experience). McCain's recklessness has trashed Palin, just as his recklessness and grandstanding this week has trashed bipartisan efforts on a financial bill.

It's really quite obvious: McCain lacks the judgment or temperament to be President. He's a reckless, egomaniacal hothead.

And thanks to his hijinks this week, John McCain is also the proud owner of today's market sell-off .


MK said...

Re: Palin, someone commented on the NYT website that she was suckered into an opportunity that was way out of her league and for which she wasn't ready, just like homeowners were suckered into subprime mortgages they couldn't afford.

David said...

that's a great analogy. y'know, I've always been in the "I'm sure she's very smart and a great governor, but she's just out of her depth" camp. But after that Couric interview, I'm not so sure. I mean how smart do you really have to be to anticipate that russia-next-to-alaska question and formulate a decent answer ahead of time? Answer: not smarter than me, or in other words, not smart enough for me to say, "I'm sure she's very smart and a great governor......"