Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Liveblogging Project Runway

Korto is totally going home, which is just wrong. I know this because they did this thing where they had her talking about how she was the oldest one there, and how she had a husband and kids at home. And they're totally going to keep Kenley on. They built up some sympathy for her by showing the other designers being jerks and not sharing their tulle with her.

Oh, but now they're doing this child of a tugboat driver childhood profile of Kenley.

Okay, now it looks like Leanne is toast. She's making a prom dress.

F*ck, what the hell -- everyone's crying. Oh, crap, Korto is praying and crying.

I bet less than 50% of these contestants vote.

UPDATE 9:32 pm:

Now they have ten minutes. This show is so formulaic. Like the beginning is exactly the same every f*cking time: I had no idea where we were going. . . . I'm really wondering what this next challenge is going to be . . . . Everyone's really nervous and anxious to see what this next challenge is . . . .

Another f*cking commercial?

UPDATE 9:36 pm:

Korto is getting reamed.

Google was up today, as was gold, slightly, I think. Look for a big bounce tomorrow morning, with fluctuation through the day as people worry about the House vote on Friday.

Heidi Klum has had three kids.

Kenley has a zit. Too much stress and bitterness.

The show is starting. Oh sh*t!

Leanne is getting lukewarm reviews.

Korto is going to get reamed. Good/Bad/Good/Bad

They are giving good and bad.

Uh oh -- Kenley.

She is going to throw down with Heidi.


She's fighting with the judges.

"I wasn't going for elegant, Heidi."

Kenley is in the bottom two.

They're asking them questions. They're crying and shit.

Jerrell is throwing Kenley under the bus.

UPDATE 9:45 pm:

Everyone hates Kenley.


UPDATE 9:47 pm:

Kenley "fought her way through life."

Kenley is sitting by herself. Korto and Kenley are PISSED.

UPDATE 9:49 pm:

Leanne is going through.

Jerrell. "Elegant with an edge."

People are sort of trying to defend Korto.

Kenley: "Total loss of taste."

Kenley is going down.

UPDATE 9:51 pm:

Commercial again before they kick someone off. They are going to kick off Korto because they are RACISTS.

UPDATE 9:53 pm:

What is Sarah Palin doing right now? Maybe watching Tina Fey with the volume off? Practicing how many times she can work "Joe Six Pack" into a sentence. It's official: Homer Simpson for Vice President!

UPDATE 9:55 pm:

Now I'm sure they're going to kick of Korto and I'm going to hate this f*cking show forever.

UPDATE 9:58 pm:

Okay, we're back.

Korto is toast. I'm mad already.

Jerrell wins!

SHOCKER. They're not sending anyone home.

The big losers are going to have a chance to create a line for Fashion Week.



Next week is totally different.



jose said...

a perfect pop sandwich.

MK said...

Ummm.... was your blog taken over by trolls?