Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Obama-McCain Debate II: Quick Take

Mostly a boring affair featuring a lot of well-worn material we've heard before at the convention, and at previous debates.

The election is slipping away from McCain, and this was one of his last big chances to do something to change that trend. Nothing that happened tonight will alter that trend.

McCain looked nervous and awkward in this format, which was supposed to be one that he favored. The format highlighted Obama's height, and physical grace, in dramatic opposition to McCain's tortured waddling. (I was worried at times that McCain might just topple over mid-sentence.)

Obama was coherent and specific. McCain returned again and again to vague, misty platitudes about the goodness of America. Yes, we all agree America is good. At the same time, we can all agree that America's economy is going down the sh*tter. So, while it's nice to hear nice words about how much McCain loves his country, the people currently living in that country watching their retirement savings go down the tubes are looking for some specifics on how the candidates plan to help them.

I was surprised that McCain didn't go more negative than he did. I think the format did restrain him to a degree. But I do also think he couldn't quite bring himself to be the attack dog. It's not really his nature. My guess is that we'll see that role taken up by a gleeful Sarah Palin, who seems to really like riling up racist mobs.

Victory is in sight. Keep working for it.

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Henry's mom said...

Yo MK, I think that the Indiana GOP is going to play downright dirty on 11/4. Use your Columbia Law School elitism well and GO AFTER THEM!
Henry's mom.

Henry now says "flower" and "happy" and "me."

He raised his hands up high and said "YAY!" really loudly when JOHN MCCAIN was on the screen. We were startled. DN taught him to put a fist in the air and yell "Boo!" instead. Same deal with Palin.