Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Day When We Win the World Cup Together

In Disney Hall tonight tapping my bright white new sneakers to the Jobim Trio and Milton Nascimiento, the program in my hand featuring an ad on the back cover for flights from Los Angeles on Signapore Airlines, with a happy young couple being attended to by a Singapore Airlines stewardess in purple paisley, the background of the ad filled with dizzying layers of more purple paisley. Listening to Nascimiento singing Chega de Saudade from behind his sunglasses, I'm imagining we're all flying along in a fantastic paisley plane, to a soundtrack of bossa nova, slipping through pink and purple clouds, the sun forever about to set as we chase it over the Igauzu Falls, over Easter Island, and toward the Maldives. I'm learning Portuguese and making friends at the plane's snack bar and lounge. Obama is president, the leaders of the world are flying into Washington to say hello and play basketball, people across the country begin biking to work, the wars are over, children are no longer obese, libraries are open 24 hours a day, universities are free, everyone has health care, and animals are treated well.

I keep wanting to accept it, six days out, the possibility that it could really happen, that we will elect Obama, but I keep doubting, imagining what will go wrong. I keep reminding myself not to be foolish, to put such stupid fuzzy thoughts out of my mind.

But for tonight, I am allowing myself to believe, and to imagine. It won't be bossa nova over the Amazon, but it'll still be amazing, when it happens. I'll be in Las Vegas this weekend, trying to get out the vote, working toward my own foolish fantasy in the material of the real world.

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