Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Wheel of Life: It's Crunch Time

Is this the America you want? Is this the future you want?

This is no time to coast or start measuring curtains for the Oval Office. Despite Obama's fantastic numbers across the country, I have no doubt that we have entered the most dangerous part of this campaign.

With uniformed police officers spitting out the name "Barack Hussein Obama" with disgust to fire up crowds before Sarah Palin comes out to really incite the mob, I think it's pretty clear things will only get nastier, dirtier, and more insanely evil from here.

I am deeply hopeful about this campaign, and I have kept that hope through the ups and downs in recent months. I do believe that we are going to win -- but only if we work for it. Think about what you can do in the next 25 days. Call your relatives in swing states. Get your friends and family registered. Donate to the campaign. Visit a local office and volunteer.

The most dangerous thing about the great poll numbers, in my view, is that it creates a false sense of complacency. Nothing has been won yet, and three weeks is an eternity in this campaign.

So let's put the champagne and the premature McCain campaign obits away, and let's get to work. Let's fight back against the fear-mongering and the hate. Let's fight for a country that is better than the past eight years. Let's show the world what America is about. We're not about fear and ignorance. We are about hope and the promise of a better tomorrow. From Manchester, New Hampshire, to Reno, Nevada, from Toledo, Ohio, to Gary, Indiana, from Asheville, North Carolina, to Tampa, Florida, from Fort Collins, Colorado to Charlottesville, Virginia, and from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania to Battle Creek, Michigan -- LET'S WIN THIS YEAR!

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