Thursday, November 06, 2008

America the Beautiful

Celebrations in the streets of New York City on Election Night. This is still sinking in.

Also, Obama has won North Carolina. He is the first Democrat in 32 years to win the state.

Finally, please check out my good friend the Tonic Blotter's moving post on his post-election thoughts.

OK, last thing: for 2012, Texas is a swing state. You heard it here first. Obama did not lose by that much there (compared to say, McCain's margin of loss in NY and CA), and changing demographics may put Texas in play for Democrats. Take a look at the way the districts in TX break down -- especially along the border. Over the next four years, that blue will continue to surge northwards in Texas. Some may be surprised to learn that Texas has more Electoral College votes than New York (34 to NY's 31). More on this later.

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