Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lock and Load

Since Obama's election, gun sales around the country are way up. Apparently, the people stockpiling weaponry are worried about (1) Obama taking away their guns and/or (2) the coming race/food/water wars as the U.S. dollar becomes toilet paper, we slide into a Paleolithic barter system, and people are turned into Soylent Green.

Also, remember SNL has-been Victoria Jackson? Did you ever wonder what happened to her? Neither did I. Anyway, just for fun, check out her new, fundamentalist Christian view of the world, including her opinion that Obama is the Anti-Christ and a communist. (Does that mean he's not a Muslim? *Phew!*) Also, she's been appearing in TV spots against her former SNL buddy and MN Senate hopeful, Al Franken.

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David said...

I saw this on a bumper sticker as we were driving through upstate New York:
"Gun control means shooting straight."

Henry's mom.
BTW, thanks for your insightful commentary on Jindal. Your website and fivethirtyeight really saved me this election.