Monday, November 17, 2008


Somali pirates seized a Saudi tanker today. The tanker was carrying two million barrels of oil -- approximately one quarter of Saudi Arabia's daily output. The hijacked ship, the Sirius Star, is the largest ship to ever to be hijacked.

A friend of mine currently living in Khartoum pointed out to me that last month, pirates operating off the coast of Somalia captured a Ukrainian ship apparently bound for South Sudan. The cargo? military weapons and tanks.

Unrelated note: I used to love the game Pirates! for the Apple IIGS. That game was the bomb.


MK said...

Next, they will need to hijack a ship full of refining equipment, so that they can turn the crude into gasoline to power the tanks.

Anonymous said...

Sid Meiers re-released Pirates! for PC last year or the year before. I too loved it, and love it still today.