Monday, November 10, 2008

The Visit

This is simply an extraordinary image, and, honestly, one for which I was not really mentally prepared. The reality of last Tuesday's results continue to surprise me.

One wonders what is going on in Bush's mind today. I have had the sense, over the past few days, that Bush has tried to place himself on the right side of history with regards to the election results, and that he will go out of his way to appear to be helping Obama with a smooth transition. Of course, at the same time, Bush and Co. will likely be busy with eleventh-hour pardons, and other monkey business. I also wonder how Bush feels, giving Obama the tour and the briefing, knowing that Obama ran 100% against Bush's policies, and just yesterday announced that one of his first priorities will be to undo and reverse Bush's various executive orders.

Bush must know that his disastrous administration played a large role in Obama's rise. I wonder if he at all consoles himself with the thought "Hey, I may have f*cked things up pretty good, but at least we got something great as a result of it all."

Also, an interesting article on "Obama and the Dawn of the Fourth Republic" a friend of mine sent me.

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